Sweet Nothing is a collaborative piece that was created by my Modern Dance students & Randy Tan's Digital Video students at College of San Mateo.

Floor warm up to teach connectivity and flow between body halves, folding/unfolding, spirals, contractions, and inversions.

Center floor combination focusing on weight shifts and direction changes incorporating release technique.

Combination focusing on shapes, lines, and holding space.

Center floor combination Inspired by William Forsythe, Trisha Brown, and Laban. After learning to dance "in the cube", students created their own choreography referencing points in space.

This piece titled "Gun Control" addresses the disturbing subject of violence on school campuses that has been occurring more regularly throughout our country. The upbeat tone to the music and dancing overshadows the more subtle (or not) violence that are embedded in the lyrics, gestures, and interactions among the dancers.

A compilation of Jazz Dances performed College of San Mateo students. The choreography spans a variety of jazz styles from urban to Bollywood to Fosse. The music has been changed due to copy rights.

Summer Jazz Dance students performing a combination for National Dance Day at College of San Mateo. Audio by Flo-Rider is subject to copy right, so has been removed...

CSM Dance Club students performing Thriller. Video edited by CSM Multi-Media student Emanuela Quaglia.

UCSC Balinese Dance Class rehearsing for an informal performance of Gabor, a traditional welcome dance.

UCSC Balinese Dance Class rehearsing for Gabor, a traditional welcome dance. During the performance the small baskets are filled with flowers which are thrown at the audience at various moments during the dance.

One of my first Balinese dance lessons with Ibu Arini, who is know as one of Bali's "National Treasures" and arguably the most famous dancer, teacher, and dance judge. A very special treat!


Gamlean Artha Negara, Santa Cruz, CA est.2013

Balinese Music & Dance Performance Group


Gamelan Anak Swarasanti, Santa Cruz, CA April 2013

Music & Dance of Bali, College of San Mateo, San Mateo, CA


Rita Rivera & Dancers, Santa Cruz, CA January 2013                                                                       

Prime Movers Concert, Cabrillo College, Aptos, CA


Gamelan Sekar Jaya, Oakland, CA September 2011                                             

Closing Ceremony, Bali Exhibit: Asian Art Museum (AAM), SF, CA


Song of Dharma February 2011                                                                        

Opening Ceremony, Bali Exhibit, Asian Art Museum, San Francisco

Yoshi’s, San Francisco

Nexus, Richmond

Zen Center, Santa Rosa


Gamelan Suar Agung, Bali, Indonesia / August 2010                                                                                                                 

Performance Filmed byTelevision of the Republic of Indonesia (TVRI)

Aired on Indonesian Public Television Oct 2010, December 2010


Rene Rhodes, Multi-Media Artist / January 2010                                                                   

Dance on Film Project: Maps

Neck of the Woods Exhibit, Manchester, England


Cage Norman Productions, Oakland, CA / 2008 - 2009                                         



American Dance Festival, Durham, North Carolina / Summer 2007                          

Doug Elkins Reparatory, The Sound of Music


Mills College, Oakland, California /  Fall 2006 - May 2008                                                                         

  • Sarah Bolton (Thesis), Becoming
  • Chiao-Ping Li, Here lies my body, my body lies here                                                                                            
  • Molissa Fennley, Castor and Pollux                                                                          
  • Shelley Senter (Trisha Brown), Glacial Decoy Redux
  • Jose Navarette, Celeos
  • Sarah Bolton, Becoming
  • Choulette Navarro

Amber McCall Movement Media, San Francisco, CA /  2006                              

Choreographer: Amber McCall


Nike Rockstar Workout / Macy’s Window, San Francisco, CA / 2006  

Choreographer: Jamie King


Zari Le’on Dance Theater, Oakland, CA / 2003-2007                        

Artistic Director: Rosario Lionudakis


Anima Mundi Dance Company, Richmond, CA / 2004-2005                     

Artistic Director: Kathryn Rosack                                                                                                                                                    


Printz Dance Project, San Francisco, CA / Home Season 2006                                                                        

Artistic Director: Stacey Printz / www.printzdance.org


Collage, San Francisco, California / 2006                                                                                                                  

Artistic Director: Rebecca Gilbert


Bearing Fruit, San Francisco, California /   2004                                             

Jenice Acosta Movers (JAM)

Artistic Director: Jenice Acosta                        


CSULB Dance Company, Long Beach, California / 1998-2001     

Faculty member: Elizabeth Morse

Guest Choreographers: Dan Wagoner, Francine Landes,

Della Davidson

MFA/Student Choreographers: Heather Kemp, Sandy Pope,

Tunishia Haque

Costume design for: Leigh Sanders, Transcending Dinakara


Spector Dance Company, Carmel, California / 1997-1998                                     

Artistic Director: Fran Spector-Atkins                                                                                                                                                             

Cabrillo College Dance Company, Aptos, California / 1995-1998                        

Dance Department Concerts