"As the Group Fitness & Pilates Coordinator at San Mateo Athletic Club at College of San Mateo, I work closely with Sarah. Her leadership and organizational skills have been invaluable to the Pilates program, most of which have been started from the ground up. In my opinion, Sarah’s unwavering devotion to her program at College of San Mateo exemplifies strong moral fiber and character. She is a trustworthy individual and would be an excellent employee."

-Francisco Flores, MA, MBA Fitness Professional

"Sarah had an excellent rapor with fellow staff as well as the students. Her ability to bring forth a full dance production with only a part time position was commendable. A good communicator, instructor and colleague, Sarah helped make the projects we collaborated with fun, professional and high quality!"

-Helen P.Souranoff, Theater Director

“An inspirational, knowledgeable, engaging and tremendously experienced teacher.”

- Sybille Draper, CSM PICP Graduate

"Sarah brings her expertise and passion for dance and a deep consideration for the educational needs of her students into her classes. I have danced professionally and Sarah's knowledge of dance is right on par with professional dance training. She also creates an environment that is welcoming to all levels of dance."

- Amy Malepeai, Oakland Ballet & Company C 

"Sarah is one of the best teachers I've ever had. I have taken dance and Pilates from her and you can tell that she is truly passionate and knowledgable about what she teaches. She is accessible to her students and cares about their success."

-Anonymous, RateMyProfessor.com (2014)

"When I went to College of San Mateo, Sarah was one of my favorite instructors for dance class (Modern style). Whatever techniques I learned from her, I applied it to other dance situations. For example, I learned a handful of techniques for dance improv, and I brought it into my dance group, Reincarnation. The teens loved it and had a kick out of it. She also makes a great advisor to our CSM Performance Dance Ensemble; even though I do not attend CSM anymore, I can see from social networks and Youtube that dance is improving and expanding. It makes me excited to see that a once unrecognized program is now shining with her help and other faculty."

-Angelica Sham, CSM Graduate

“Sarah’s extensive Pilates background and insight into the human body set her in a league of her own.”

- Lily Wang, SMAC Group Fitness Instructor

"I've taken yoga and pilates with her, and I loved both. I think I actually sweat more in her yoga class than in pilates but I'm not complaining. She knows her stuff and teaches the poses and exercises well and I'm definitely taking her classes again."

-Anonymous, RateMyProfessor.com (2010)

"She is absolutely gorgeous & graceful. Very passionate about Yoga. Tries her best to help all her students. The only thing is that she makes you go on without breaks. But that's good cause it helps build stamina and that way you actually learn stuff. She's very cute, funny & lively. I think she's the best new teacher at CSM. TAKE HER!" 

-Anonymous, RateMyProfessor.com (2008)